didn't do a whole lot today. slept through class, woke up around 4pm. sat around in my underwear for 2 hours smoking Lucky Strikes and listening to the Replacements. for no reason at all, m'dear, no reason at all. went to the cafeteria to fill my stomach with hollow non-food. the anti-drug group on campus had covered a couple tables in huge posters that said "What's your anti-drug?" and students were encouraged to write their anti-drugs on it. i put stuff like Court TV, muppet love, "information that's only been stepped on twice". then i played chess with R., making a series of bizarre, irrational moves and losing pathetically with several key pieces still on the board.

at this point i figured that i would be awake until at least 4am since i woke up at 4pm, so on impulse i swallowed 60 mg of adderall around 10pm. stayed up all night writing in my notebook, mostly poems and fragments of speedthink. around 4am i smoked some pot and walked around in the neighboring graveyard. read e.e. cummings for awhile, i forget what else.

i have to switch into a single room as soon as possible. my roommate is an abnormal mutant ghost-person. i ain't exactly a ray of sunshine myself, but this kid is just like a vortex of chronic sleep-deprivation, depression & proto-nihilistic asshole-ism that destroys any positive energy within a 20 ft radius. his erratic, masochistic sleeping habits are changing my circadian rhythm into some kind of No Wave free jazz experiment. there's a lot more, but i don't feel like writing it. i'm tired now. fare thee well.