he ran and he ran the young man seeking truth
and away from the tales told him in youth
dogs did follow in dogged pursuit
but he left them to pant and ran on, forsooth!
as they sat soothing their feet

a moment in stillness of silent learning
and his hunger non-consumably began burning
he laid his past on a funeral pyre
and set it alight with non-transforming fire
stopping barely long enough to marvel

on ran the young man until his surroundings were a blur
in such a state of awareness new ideas occurred
truth became evident in such a way as never before
he could see clearly through being to its very core
he saw NOTHING

dual mind awoke and a world became
'it's GOOD' the world of itself proclaimed
still not knowing how to scowl in blame
or cover itself with fig leaves for shame
as they didn't exist yet

matter condensed ultimately to redisperse
or be pulled inwards ever more tightly with thirst
regarding all things equally at first
dual mind saw nothing was blessed or cursed
he knew nothing

closely behind followed monocular mind
called dajjal the one-eyed king of the blind
who revealing himself one evening in a lie of lies
invited eve to relax her sphincter, opened her eye
ready for ocular maculation

the gains were great but greater was the cost
in maculate perception our paradise was lost
our bliss like so much rubbish we tossed
the Earth with our sweat and tears to wash
salting our own garden

peering out of caverns at our false paradises
locked in minds able to see no more than slices
chink eyed patrons of an oriental tavern
we chase the one-eyed serpent to its heaven
racing to be the first to catch it

the young man unimpressed with his gods of an earlier time
as he ran smashed every cross and offed every swine
and spilt seeds into the earth's fertile insides
to darken the earth under the new age's sciensicide
while bliss remained just around the next corner

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