Method of propelling a boat (usually a punt) along a river using a long pole.

Often practised on the River Cam in Cambridge, against people's better judgement.

A punt is a long thin boat which has a front and a back. One should stand on the back, which has some sort of an aft-deck, and punt the punt so that the front goes forwards.
If your punt pole gets stuck in the mud, then pull it out.
Don't stick the pole in the air before or after a bridge. If you fail to heed my advice, and you are on the Backs, I'll come and laugh at you.

Not that I enjoy gratuitously sexual and explicit nodes, but:

I have heard that punting is the term used to describe the act of a woman anally penetrating her (male) partner with a some variety of strap on phallus device or another. Considering that many many men of all sexual orientations like having their anus stimulated, this is considered to be a more or less heterosexual act by the fact that a female partner is doing the punting.

While this term is more or less unofficial, I believe that it originated from an issue of Savage Love (a weekly column available on the Internet among many other places) that appeared in early May 2001 -- and that it was the first time that sex guru Dan Savage had heard of a single term for this act.

I think this is a fitting term for several reasons: first, when I make a mental picture of what this act must look like, the word "punt" is a pretty fitting caption to it. Second, the word also alludes to the gender role reversal not only because it rhymes with a (particularly nasty) euphemism for the female genitals, but also begins with the letter "p", an obvious reference to the penis or phallus.

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