Music notation is the set of symbols used to write music. It uses lines, dots, and decorations to describe the pitch, duration and volume of a series of notes. It is the "programming language" of the composer which can be "compiled" into music by a literate musician, band, or orchestra. Over the years modern music notation has evolved as an international standard, so that a given piece can be read by any musician regardless of his or her native language.

It is possible, albeit difficult, to reproduce music notation in ASCII, and thus record musical tunes in Everything2. My first such efforts (and, I believe, the first anywhere on E2) are the Jigglypuff song and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". It is my hope that this node will serve as a starting point for the non-musician to become literate in reading music, as well as a source for the musically-literate to come to when E2 sheet music proves difficult to read.

Sources and recommended reading:

  • "" -
  • "Musically Inclined" -
  • "Music Theory Online" -
I recommend anyone truly interested in learning to read music visit these sites, if only because their GIFs are more legible than my ASCII approximations.

See also: noding music

Terms and symbols used in music notation:

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