...is not pronounced 'fort-ay.' It is used dissyllabically only in music; in all other cases, it may have only one syllable. A forte is a person's strong point - and in fencing, the strongest part of a blade.

Also: a company that creates excellent photographic supplies.

While their film and darkroom chemicals are well above average, Forte makes incredible Black & White photo paper. Forte Elegence Polygrade V in particular has rich and vibrant middle tones far surpassing anything I've seen out of Kodak, Ilford or Agfa, while still maintaining a consistent and pleasing degree of contrast.

In dynamics music notation, forte is abbreviated 'f' and indicates that the music from that point on should be, well, loud. The word simply means "loudly" in Italian.

When added to the staff, it looks something like this (complete with eigth notes):

---| /----------------------------------------------------
  /|              |         |         |         |         
|  |  |      |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |         
 \ |  |      |____|____|____|____|____|____|____|         
  \|         f

Forte, is a 100% pure Java IDE. It is provided for free by Sun. Forte for Java software is a unique, full-featured, and extensible integrated development environment (IDE) for developing client-side and server-side Java applications.

Forte comes in three forms. The Community Editionclosely parallels the NetBeans Tools Platform, and is intended for the broadest audience: developers learning about programming, object-oriented programming, or Java technology; and individual developers who are creating applets, applications, or JavaBeans. This edition is most suitable for the development of client-side Java applications.

The Internet Edition builds upon the Community Edition by including plug-in modules for creating JSP and servlets, as well as for integrating with databases using JDBC or Transparent Persistence technology. This edition enables you to develop server-side Java applications for dynamic content.

The Enterprise Edition The Enterprise Edition will build upon the Internet Edition by adding modules to support EJBs and other features of the J2EE. Forte for Java, release 3.0 software will comprise all three editions: Forte for Java, Community Edition; Forte for Java, Internet Edition; and Forte for Java, Enterprise Edition. In the future, other editions may be introduced.

The descriptions of the different editions was taken from the FORTE website.

The japanese name of the character 'Bass' from Capcom's Mega Man video game series.

A creation of the evil Dr. Wily, Forte was first introduced in Mega Man 7 as a mysterious ally who only later betrays MegaMan to his creator. He later appeared prominently in many other games of the series.

Forte (f&omac;rt), n. [IT. forte: cf. F. fort. See Fort.]


The strong point; that in which one excels.

<-- sense 2 is often pronounced f&omac;rt"&amac; -->

The construction of a fable seems by no means the forte of our modern poetical writers. Jeffrey.


The stronger part of the blade of a sword; the part of half nearest the hilt; -- opposed to foible.


© Webster 1913.

For"te (f⊚r"t&asl; ∨ f&omac;r"t&asl;), adv. [It. forte, a. & adv., fr. L. fortis strong.] Mus.

Loudly; strongly; powerfully.


© Webster 1913.

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