In music notation, Largo indicates a very slow tempo, around 40-60 bpm. The word means "broad" in Italian.

In the online comic Megatokyo, Largo is the other American that finds himself on a plane inbound for Japan, apparently having agreed to the arrangement in a drunken stupor following the events at E3. Where Piro is the semi-sensititve artist-type interested in dating simulation games, Largo is more of the classic gamer, playing anything violent (Mortal Kombat, any form of Quake, Mechwarrior, Metal Gear Solid, et cetera) and playing it very well.

Not only has Largo managed to get both arms broken (once by an automobile and the other time by Erika) while he's been in Japan, it has been revealed that he is fluent in l33t and can hear the cries of an Athlon not being overclocked. Lately, he has taken the big ninja d00d Junpei as an apprentice to teach him how to be l33t, and has demonstrated his l33t n3kkid skillz in the process of networking a number of machines together.

"Mmm... nothing like the drone of eight cooling fans."

Lar"go (?), a. & adv. [It., large, L. largus, See Large.] Mus.

Slow or slowly; -- more so than adagio; next in slowness to grave, which is also weighty and solemn.



A movement or piece in largo time.


© Webster 1913.

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