The first time I knew I was to come to Los Angeles was in 1992. It was my senior year in High School, and I had just been accepted to Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, a small city in the Inland Empire valley to the East of Los Angeles. Shortly after I was accepted, I heard the news of a major earthquake. Shortly after that came the Rodney King riots. I was not looking forward to my move from calm (if cold) Madison, Wisconsin.

I needn't have worried. Claremont was essentially dead, and we were kept busy enough at school to only make rare trips into Los Angeles for special occasions, such as seeing shows at the Ahmenson theater or various concerts. By the time I left Harvey Mudd in 1996, I hadn't seen much of the area at all.

I spent at year in Graduate School, then tried looking for a job in Silicon Valley by attending a conference held in San Jose. Ironically, none of the Silicon Valley companies were interested, but I got a job with an Israeli company that was just opening an office in Pasadena, so once again I got sent back down to Los Angeles.

Now, as I prepare to move away to take an exciting new job in San Diego, a city that I have always felt was superior to Los Angeles in several ways, I find myself saying good bye to quite a few aspects of the city that I have come to take for granted.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few other reasons. Maybe your experiences have been different. Please add them.

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