Piro is the emotional half of the male protagonists of Megatokyo. Where Largo is the technophiliac side of the coin, Piro is more influenced by Japanese gaming, being less opposed to the more cutesy and less violent style that is more common in the Eastern side. Then again, being remarkably fluent in Japanese, both written and spoken, helps with that. Piro appears to prefer love simulation games and more touchy-feely entertainments than Largo, but he remains able to wipe the floor with his friend when they play Quake 3.

Beyond his gaming, Piro is a talented manga artist that is often struggling with himself and his conscience, Seraphim, with his situation- stuck in Japan, with no money (maxed credit cards and having spent a friend's loan on toys), and essentially feeling rotten about himself and what he's done and all. There're hints that he and Kimiko are going to become romantically involved, too... and all shall be quasi-normal once more. Maybe.

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