spread out across the blackness
there are

intermittent silver & blue sparkles
red beacons, blinking
swirls of white
and diamond puzzles that almost fit together
(if you look close)

passing airplanes
red/green lights buzzing close to us
make the stars look close
for a moment
until they pass
and then we are estranged from them again
gravity bound
with such short arms

As wonderful as esoteric poetry is, I think the title of this node is actually referring to the movie Men in Black.

While I saw this movie numerous years ago, I remember that this was the cryptic message that the little tiny alien who liked pirogis uttered as he was dying. As I recall, the whole conflict in Men in Black was about some evil alien called a bug (who took over the body of a gangly looking farmer) who wanted to get ahold of some miniature galaxy, which was hanging from the belt (collar) of the pigorgi-loving alien's cat, who was named...Orion!

At this point, the big battlecruiser owned by the pirogi guy's race is about to vaporize earth unless Will Smith and company happen to get the galaxy back. He then proceeds to do some rapping. And the flashy thing.

So in conclusion, THAT's what they meant by "the galaxy is in Orion's belt".

And if anyone remembers the names of any of the various alien races in that movie, msg me.

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