Everybody knows software sometimes has easter eggs, like the flightsim in Excel, or pictures of developers in games.

But hardware has them too!

Not so long ago I read something about an easter egg in an HP scanjet. Apparently it only with the SCSI version of the 4P, and it goes like this:

  • You need to disconnect it from the computer first! (thanks anotherone)
  • Set the SCSI ID to 0(zero).
  • Power down the machine
  • Power it back up holding down the "scan" button.
  • It will proceed to play "Ode to Joy" using variations in the scan-head motor speed.
tftv256 says: it also works with my parport scanjet 5100c. Just scratch the stuff about the SCSI ID and pull the plug instead of turning off.

Do you know any other hardware easter eggs?

There's the old trick for the Sega Master system:
On an old Sega Master System without built in games, turn it on without a cartridge and press up + both buttons at the same time. You get a maze game.

With some older USR modems, type "ATUSR1" in a terminal program will return the developers..

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