Here's a few windows NT 3.5 Easter Eggs:

Not Evil

1. Goto Control Panel
2. Double click Display
3. Goto Screen Saver Tab
4. Change Screen saver to 3D Text
5. Goto Settings
6. Change Display text to "not evil"


Free Cell Instant Win

1. Start a new game.
2. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+F10
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Double click on a card to do it.
5. (You can make it so when a person makes their first move, they lose the game! ;-) )


The Shadow Knows:

1. While at your desktop, press F1, to display the Help Topics: Windows Help dialog box.
2. Click on the find Tab. (If you haven't done the mumbo - jumbo before, follow the Wizard along...)
3. Click the Options... button, then select the All the words you typed in any order radio button.
4. In the Show words that dropdown list, make sure the begin with the characters you type options is selected, then click OK.
5. Once you return to the Find tab, select the text box at the top and type Who knows who built this tool? (Make sure you capitalize the W and include the question mark.)
6. Hold down the ShiftCtrl key combination as you click the Clear button.
7. Now, click the Options... button once more, only this time, select the radio buton titled At least one of the words you typed.
8. In the Show words that dropdown list, choose the contain the characters you type option, then click OK.
9. In the Find tab, type The Shadow knows! in the text box at the top. Make sure you capitalize the letters T and S and that you include the exclamation point.
10. Finally, hold down the ShiftCtrl key combination as you click the Clear button. You should now see the Easter Egg in action.


I love NT:

1. Go to the Main Menu and select Control Panel.
2. From Control Panel, select Desktop.
3. Select Open GL 3D text as your screen saver type.
4. Click on Options to configure the settings for the screen saver.
5. Change the text that the screen saver will display to "I love NT".
6. Either wait for the screen saver to come up or hit test. The names of all of the programmers will float in and out in 3D Text.
7. This also apparently works if you put "I love NT" in other languages as well... I know "j'aime NT". Try any languages you can think of.
8. If "I love NT" doesn't work, try "I like NT". For instance, "Me amo NT" doesn't work, but "Me gusta NT" does.


Open GL Egg #1 (may not work):

1. Go to Control Panel/Desktop/ScreenSaver
2. Change Screen Saver to OpenGL/3D-Text
3. Edit Settings
4. Change text to "BEER" (without quotes) for list of beers
5. Change text to "Rock" (without quotes) for list of bands


Open GL Egg #2:

1. Run Control panel
2. Select desktop
3. Select 3D Test (OpenGL) screen saver
4. Select setup
5. Enter "MUSIC"
6. Press OK to save settings (or try test first)
7. Press OK to save
8. The screen saver will display a list of bands when it comes up



1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Desktop
3. Select 3D Pipes (OpenGL) as the screen saver
4. Click Setup, and set the joint style to mixed.
5. When the screen saver comes on - look closely. Every once in a while, a 'teapot joint' will appear.


Here's a few windows NT 4 Easter Eggs:


1. Right click on the desktop and select Properties. Or open Control Panel from the Start buttom/Settings menu and select Display.
2. From the Display Properties, select Screen Saver.
3. Select 3D Text (OpenGL) as your screen saver type.
4. Click on the Settings buttom to configure the screen saver.
5. Change the text that the screen saver will display to "Not Evil".
6. Click OK to save the changes. Click the test buttom or wait until the screen saver kicks in the next time.
7. This will show the names of all the members of the Windows NT developer team.
8. You can also try the changing the text to "Volcano".
9. This will display the names of a bunch of volcanos all over the world.


Command Prompt Funny (v4.0 Server only):

1. Goto Start Menu, click on "Run".
2. Type in "cmd" and press enter...that will bring up a command prompt.
3. Now type in "command" ...notice something a little odd?! It says Too many parameters, Bad command or file name, ah yes.. thats the sounds of spring waters! :), Incorrect MS-DOS version.
4. I think in order for this to work you have to have to have a windows dual boot with both NT and 95/98 whatever on the same drive! it should be at C:\ root when typing this in.


Hope you like them :)

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