Fried eggs cooked on one side and gently flipped over and cooked briefly on the other side without breaking the yolk. The result should be a cooked egg white surrounding a completely runny, but warm, yolk. When eating eggs over easy, the diner tends to get egg yolk on anything else on the plate with the eggs. I like very much to mop up the eggs with dry toast.

Variations on this theme, include eggs over medium, meaning the egg is cooked long enough for the yolk to solidify slightly, and eggs sunny side up.

Fried eggs, cooked on both sides, with a runny yolk.

The trick here is temperature. If it's too high, and you aren't careful, the yolk will solidify, and that you do not want. If it's very high, the bottom will get crusty and start to burn before the top of the white solidifies.

Pour a dollop of oil into a pan and put it on medium heat and wait for it to get hot. Once it's pretty hot (the oil starts to move around and spit a little), turn it to low and crack the eggs in. Cook them until the whites look mostly solid: that is, you can flip the egg over without the yolk breaking. Once it's been flipped, cook it for a good 10 seconds or so, and quickly transfer it to a plate.

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