General Notes
First off, this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are quite a number of websites out there that include listings for these eggs and more. Feel free to contribute any additional ones you may come across.

Second, in my experience, the requirements for launching these easter eggs aren't as rigid as they are for other OS's and applications. For example, three eggs listed below are all found in the Giraffe Game. You do not need to exit the game and go back in to try another. They can all be launched from within one session.

I have only tested these on Palm III-series devices with OS v3.x, though I've heard most will work on Palm V's. If you have a Palm V, please test these out and let me know of any conflicting results. There are also Easter Eggs specifically for Palm V+ devices, however I will leave them for someone else to writeup. Enjoy!

Standard Application Eggs

  • The Easter Egg
    Start the Preferences application, General tab. On the lower right-hand corner, right above the calculator, draw a tiny counter-clockwise circle. An Easter Egg will pop up. The Easter Egg must be active for some other eggs to work.

  • The Taxi Cab
    First, enable The Easter Egg as explained above. In (seemingly) any application, hold the down button. With the stylus, draw a line from the middle of the graffiti area to the left edge. A taxi cab will swerve drunkenly across your screen. To avoid scrolling down in applications such as MemoPad, you can put the stylus on the center of the silk screen, then press down and draw your line. Why a taxi cab, you might ask? Legend has it that the prototype code name for the original pilot was the Taxi.

  • The Inchworm
    First, enable The Easter Egg. Remain in the General Preferences screen. Draw the # character (a dot and the mirror image of an N) in the silk screen. Nearly 10 seconds later a little ascii inchworm will crawl it's way across your screen.

  • Graffiti Information
    In MemoPad, start a new memo. Tap once in the Graffiti area to enter punctuation shift mode. Write the word "Palm". Graffiti version information will appear.

  • Two Guys Photo
    Start the Giraffe game. Place your stylus on the lower right-hand corner of the display and then press the up button. A photo of two people in tuxedos will appear. It is believed that they are Rob and either Andrea or Chris from Palm's marketing staff.

  • Drive C Error
    Start the Giraffe Game. Place your stylus on the top of the screen and then press the down button. You'll see the DOS message that fills a geek's heart with nostalgia: "Not ready reading Drive C: Abort, Retry, Fail?"

  • Dancing Palm Tree
    Start the Giraffe Game. Tap Help, then draw the # character (a dot and the mirror image of an N) in the silk screen. A palm tree will appear briefly somewhere on the screen and shake it's booty for your entertainment.

  • Development Team Credits
    Select Info from your system dropdown menu (or write /i on your silk screen) to enter into the memory appliation. Place your stylus on the top of the screen and then press the down button. An animated display will pop up listing the names of the Development Team.

Miscellaneous Application Eggs

  • Omniremote
    Start Omniremote. Create a new button and name it Credits. Tap Okay. A list of credits will be displayed.

  • MindMeld with Nancy
    Start MindMeld. In the graffiti area write the name nancy, in lowercase. As you do this, the letters will appear as you write them in the lower left of the screen. If you write it correctly without mistakes, a woman's face will appear on the screen.

  • Thumbscan
    Start Thumbscan. Tap the Menu silkscreen button. Select about, and tap OK. Press the up scroll button before scanning your thumb. You will see an image of Elvis hidden in the thumbprint graphic. You'll see it clearer if you're intoxicated. *smirk*

  • Gaydar
    Start Gaydar. Tap the figure's crotch. Take note that when you do that, you put a smile on the figure's face.

  • BigClock (verson 2.5)
    Set the date on your palm to 1/1/00. Set the time to 00:00 (Midnight). Open BigClock to see a tribute to the new millenium.

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