The third time
We met
You lured me
To your house
With your sister's pasta
"She's a great cook," you said
We ate the pasta
No pressure

You stole a kiss
As you passed
To the bathroom
We were going out
To dance again
We thought

A taste
I was surprised
On guard
For a moment
But you were gone
I picked up your guitar
And sat on the couch

Soon you joined me
A gentle exploring taste again
No, said my brain
But this feels so good
You went slowly

Into the garden
Admired the flowers
Touched and sniffed and tasted
I was not alarmed
You strolled by a gate
Or ten
Past fences
That could not be battered down

You came to the lake
And just looked
The serpent guardian became curious
Reared her head from the depths
To look at you
You looked back
Curious, she sniffed you
You stroked her scales
Admired her dazzling pattern
She lay her head on the rock

You walked gently along her spine

To her tail

The snapping turtle
To see what this difference was
And let you step on her shell

The gator roared and boomed
And you squatted
To admire her teeth
She too let you walk along
Her rough back
Going slowly

The laughing loon
Circled closer
You swam the last bit
Her leading the way
You stroked her feathers

Now the jungle
You didn't shine bright lights
On the shy inhabitants
Alarm calls of your presence
Quieted slowly

The snow leopard
Knocked you down
Claws and fangs
You touched the wounds
On her paws
She sheathed her claws
Just a prick to tantalize
You slid your hands
Over her fur
Tensile muscle beneath
She purred and rolled over
Then led you slowly
To the center

You walked
Through walls and doors
Ornate rooms
You were not distracted

You came to the angel
Bright and dark
You just looked
We both said no
Then I said please
She handed you the flaming sword
Flames slid off and over your hands
Down our bodies

At the touch of the sword
The ripe peach
Swelled and burst
In the heat

The sword slipped like butter
Into the sheath

The angel
Opened the door

Going slowly
You put your hands
On my heart
My core
My soul

And mine on yours.

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