you're staring at the same sky.
A thought is an intangible thing;
it can travel.

I imagine this same flush of adrenaline
filling another body.
Can skin communicate across open space?
The tingling of skin
is universal, certainly,
and tension is a law of physics.
Tautness, as an adjective,
describes not only a physical state

My pen pursues academic principles
when my mind is in its most lurid state
like the moment itself is so fundamental - base -
it belongs in the abstract,
consists of principles that are, like the laws of physics,
the way gravity is the same
to the inhabitants of the town at the foot of the volcano and
the 17 year old stand-up comedian starring down their first ever open mic
and having serious moment.
It's scary
but maintains a constant velocity.
Physical principles are good like that
and this is one of them:

There is more heat in the universe tonight
because of the interaction of thought and ganglion.

And there must be another page
where the presence of fingernails on shoulder blades
lips on skin
hands on fabric shoved aside
teeth stopping on hipbone
blood racing
flesh and friction
bound hands
the synchronization of moans and breath
exist in and of themselves
as the body trembles, but

that's like describing the first girl you actually loved as pretty
like telling a pastry chef that chocolate cake tastes kind of brown

We are all experts in this shit:
When libido steers pulse
and skin reaches out
the body's bawdy brain takes over,
and the sky is enough
to make skin suffer hallucinations of touch.

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