AD&D, Planescape

The gate-towns are towns and cities on the Outlands that provide magical gate to the other Outer Planes. The gate-towns are:

Automata for Mechanus
Fortitude for Arcadia
Excelsior for Mount Celestia
Tradegate for Bytopia
Ecstasy for Elysium
Faunel for the Beastlands
Sylvania for Arborea
Glorium for Ysgard
Xaos for Limbo
Bedlam for Pandemonium
Plague-Mort for the Abyss
Curst for Carceri
Hopeless for the Grey Waste
Torch for Gehenna
Ribcage for Baator
Rigus for Acheron

There are also some reverse gate-towns, which lead from an Outer Plane to the Outlands:

Heart's Faith from Mount Celestia
Broken Reach from the Abyss
Darkspine from Baator

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