Baator is the classical hell of the AD&D Planescape universe. The plane of utter Lawful Evil, its politics resemble those of George Orwell's 1984, and its ruler is Asmodeus, the king of hell. Also known as the Nine Hells, Baator is home to the baatezu or devils, and takes its descriptions from Dante's Inferno. The layers are:

Avernus: This is a blasted wasteland, ruled by the devil Bel, and scorched by fire from the sky. The description resembles Circle VII, ring I, from Inferno.
Dis: The Iron City of Hell, this city is ruled by Dispater, and takes its imagery from Inferno, Circle V.
Minauros: This is a realm of filth, murk, and iron chains. Inferno, Circle III, provides the images, as I recall.
Phlegethos: A realm of fire, influenced by popular ideas of Hell.
Stygia: The icy waters of the River Styx.
Malebolge: A realm of chasms and rocky slopes, this layer is influenced by, though not copied from, Inferno, Circle VIII.
Maladomini: 'The ill-ruled'. This is a barren wasteland of red rock. It is said that something ancient and yet more evil sleeps below the earth here.
Cania: From Dante's Caïna, which is Circle IX, ring II. This is a frozen desert, cold and hard and bitter.
Nessus: The heart of hell, containing the citadel of the arch-fiend himself.

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