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In the AD&D Planescape setting, the main area of adventure. The locations are based on cultural references, religion, alignment, and a theme for each plane.

Mechanus: Formerly known as Nirvana, the theme here is Technology, and the cultural emphasis is weak, although there are some Chinese and Babylonian elements. The alignment of this plane is Lawful Neutral.

Arcadia: Lying between Mechanus and Mt Celestia, Arcadia is themed on authority, and has a large Egyptian element.

Mount Celestia: The main Lawful Good plane, this area has a fairly strong Jewish/Christian flavour, although the imagery is necessarily adapted to the polytheistic nature of the setting. The theme here is personal discipline. Also called the Seven Heavens.

Bytopia: Formerly the Twin Paradises, Bytopia lies between Mt Celestia and Elysium, and has no strong culutral flavour, but is based mainly on hard work.

Elysium: This plane has some Babylonian and Sumerian features, but is fairly heterogenous in content. It is Neutral Good, and has meditation as its theme.

The Beastlands: Formerly the Happy Hunting Grounds, the Beastlands are wild and natural (although influenced by mortal perceptions), and so have no cultural flavour. They lie between Elysium and Arborea.

Arborea: Otherwise Olympus or Arvandor, this plane is strongly Chaotic Good, with elvish and Greek cultural material, and a theme of emotion.

Ysgard: Also Gladsheim, Ysgard is mainly Norse in flavour, and has adventure for a theme. It lies between Arborea and Limbo.

Limbo: More like the Limbo of Vanity in Milton's Paradise Lost than the upper circle of Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy. Limbo is a realm of pure chaos, both in form and theme, and has no consistent cultural flavour.

Pandemonium: Named for the demon city in Paradise Lost (the name means all demons), this plane is between Limbo and the Abyss, and represents madness. There is a weak Norse theme here.

The Abyss: This is the main Chaotic Evil plane, and is themed, if that's the word, on abominations and obscenities. There is no real cultural stress here - just lots of awful things.

Carceri: Otherwise named Tarterus, Carceri lies between the Abyss and the Grey Waste, and is the plane of imprisonment. There is quite a lot of Greek material here, as well as a number of TSR-created deities.

The Grey Waste: Otherwise known as Hades or Annwn, this is the main Neutral Evil plane, and has themes of death, apathy, and decay. There are Greek, Celtic and Norse regions in this cosmopolitan underworld.

Gehenna: The name is Hebrew, meaning Valley of Fire, but the plane has no major cultural overtones. It lies between Baator and the Grey Waste, and has a theme of force of will.

Baator: Formerly the Nine Hells, Baator is the plane of Lawful Evil and intrigue, and is influenced mainly by Dante's inferno, although the geography is somewhat altered. Fiends named baatezu, or devils, live here.

Acheron: The plane of war lies between Baator and Mechanus, and is dominated by orcs and goblins. There is a certain Japanese flavour here, but it is not strong.

The Outlands: This True Neutral plane lies in the centre of all the others, and is linked to them by the gate-towns. There is much Celtic matter here, as this is the location of Tir na nOg.

Sigil, the River Styx, Yggdrasil and Mount Olympus are all also features of the Outer Planes.

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