For general information on this concept, see Asgard.

Ysgard, otherwise called Gladsheim is the Outer Plane of Chaotic Chaotic Good. It is divided into three layers, but each layer is made up of thousands of earthen islands flying randomly in space. The islands burn on some or all of their faces, and are known as earthbergs. The layers are:

Ysgard: Or Asgard - it is here that the realms of most of the Norse gods are found - Odin's hall Valhalla and the like. Also here is Vanaheim, the Vanir realm of Frey and Freya.

Muspelheim: Here, the earthbergs burn on their upper surfaces. The wicked fire giants have their realm here, where their chief, Surtr, can keep a close eye on Thor.

Nidavellir: In this layer, the earthbergs are right up against one another, creating a place of winding passages and vast caverns. The 'bergs only smoulder, and here is found the good dark elf realm of Svartalfheim, home to the Forgotten Realms drow goddess Eilistraee.

Ysgard lies between Arborea and Limbo.

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