AD&D, Planescape, Outer Planes

Once known as the plane of Concordant Opposition, the Outlands are the plane of the True Neutral alignment, and are dominated by the infinite Spire and Tir na nOg, the Celtic land of youth. the Spire itself is an area so impervious to magic that even the gods lose their power there. As such it is generally considered out of bounds for practical reasons, although super-powerful being wishing to conclue highly secret treaties find it handy. The obnly residents of the spire area are the enigmatic race called Rilmani, who have elongated features and metallic skin, and are said to personify neutrality. Ringing the Spire are the gate-towns, which harbour portals to all the Outer Planes. Beyond them are the Hinterlands, mysterious realms about which little is known. Scattered in the wide open spaces between the gate-towns and the Spire are the realms of neutral gods, such as Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge, who maintains a vast library at a place called Thebestys.

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