Noun(?), VG
One who runs a flag or token esp. in CTF based computer gaming.
There are two (2) main types of flag runners, team play first and free for all. Both Flag runner styles require you to be stealthy, fast, and daring or noisy, suicidal, and armed to the core. To say the least, the first is more effective.

Being an effective flag runner:
  • Talk!
      console- Talking aloud gives away plans, come up with a code or system of talk that won't clue the other team in on what you're doing. Not having privacy with your team makes it hard to keep secrets.
    • Computer- You have a team talk function. Plan ahead, and get backup. Have a sniper clear your escape route, a heavy draw enemies from the flag's room, and maybe grab a teammate to grab the flag if you get fragged (they also draw some enemy fire from you).
  • Plan!
    • Know what you're going to do. Find a safe way in and out. An alarm or PA system often alerts players that the flag has been moved, and this matter needs to be tended to so you don't die too fast.
    • Other than checking your map out, check out the teams. Find their weakness an exploit it. They have heavy armor, you go for the speed approach. They got speed, you nail them with heavy weapons.
    • See "Talk!"
  • Armor up!
    • Class based games- Keeping in mind the "Plan!" section, take the lightest, fastest class you can. Use, buy, or select close range weapons. Flag runners are going to have the entire enemy team on you, and if they aren't in range you might want to keep them there.
    • Item based- Find the weapons you want in the level, most likely the big guns, and take them in. Like quake, it will be chaos either way. God have mercy on your avatar's soul.
    • Employ gear. Jetpacks, radar jammers, camouflage, etc. help you to sneak in.
  • Move out!
    • Move in slow, quiet, unseen, and without collecting frags. If they know you are in their base, they will rid you like the pest you are. Be like a ninja. Use alternative entrances and don't pass too many respawns.
    • Grab the flag. Clear the flag room. Select less passive weapons. Gear up on any health, armor, or ammo around. Notify your team. Grab the flag.
    • Run like hell. Don't shoot your way out, blast your way out. Bunny hop. Don't stop to smell the frags, run. If you do drop the flag, tell your team where it is so they can get it. If getting a kill puts you in risk of more than 5 HP, don't take it.
    • Capture the flag. Don't be an ass about it.

Being an effective llama:
  • Attack!
    • Get big guns!
    • Shoot your way through front door!
    • Get nowhere near the flag and die!
    • Respawn and do it again!
  • 4774K!
    • Make big noises!
    • Get taunted!
    • Think you are god!
    • Have fun at others' expense!

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