Abv: = TPF

This a group of Team Fortress Classic players that strive for their team to do its best rather than to rack up frags. They bring the game back to what it should be, that being is just a game. These players avoid doing those annoying little things to other gamers, and insted attempt to aid their team. Such people make the game a fun and enjoyable environment by helping you hold on to your life (and armour). These guys put the team in team fortress.
What you can do as a:
An example of the TPF style:
Setting: Rock2

Class: Demoman. Why you ask? Because you don't know what your team need yet, but you can quess they might need help opening the underground routes. There are two of them, so there is more of a chance that one (if not both) are closed. Make sure to ask where they need support, after you die, change your class for team support.

Now what?: Let's assume your team needs a flag runner. Change to a medic. Medics can regenerate their own health as well as others. Not only this, but they are fast, with the ability to conc jump across the enemy yard. This ability makes it easy for medics to clear the hardest part of their task with one quick motion. Another bonus is that they can infect opposing forces, thus making them run away while you capture the key. Before you capture it, make sure to notify your team (not the enemy team) that you are capturing the flag soon so that they can seek cover from gas (It is important to note that in Rock2, after a capture, you have 5 seconds to get to a safe zone or find a protective gas mask or you will die of nerve gas getting you a minus frag. Players in the cap zone can not be killed and the flag room is also safe.). If the enemy captures, conc jump into an enemy resuply and steal a gas mask so that they won't have one.

While you're playing keep in touch with your team so you can heal their wounds and perhaps help their weak points. If you can, travel with another medic and protect the other while you cap. When you get to the capture point, have the other play hold the door open by standing under it, after it hits him, it will retract and allow you two to exit early. Have fun and play safe.

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