A bi-timbral digital synthesizer with a 73-note keyboard. Released in 1984 with a $11000 price tag.

The DX1 can be described as two DX7s stacked together with a velocity & polyphonic aftertouch sensitive weighted keyboard.

The unit features two 6-operator FM engines with independent sound banks. This means two separate patches can selected at once, allowing 16-voice polyphony. This can be doubled to a whopping 32 voices when using a single sound. Programming the FM synthesis is easier than on most of the DX line synths, thanks to a display panel informing the user about the numerous parameters.

For modulation, the DX1 offers an LFO switchable between 6 waveforms (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth up/down and random). There are 6 envelope generators each featuring 8 editable stages.

The keyboard can be split and layered. The internal memory holds up to 64 performances and 64 patches (32 ROM, 32 RAM). cartridges can be used for storing 64 extra sounds each. MIDI implementation is available for external control.

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