A multi-timbral analog synthesizer with 12-voice polyphony and a 61-note keyboard.
Released in 1985 with a $4995 asking price, produced until 1990.

The Matrix-12 is basicially two Xpander units in one, with added keyboard and even more flexible modulation possibilities.

Each voice features two syncable VCOs with sawtooth, square and triangle waveforms, plus noise on VCO2.
As the filter, a rather interesting resonant multimode VCF is included. Not only is it switchable between low-, high-, notch- and band-pass modes, but can also be switched between 6, 12, 18 and 24dB/octave (1- to 4-pole) settings. This adds up to 15 different modes.
A total of 15 VCAs are available, one following after each oscillator and two after the filter. There are 5 DADSR envelope generators (the first D standing for delay) along with 4 simple ramp generators.
For modulation, the M12 offers a whopping 5 independent LFOs per voice, with basic waveforms and sample/hold. A global LFO is also available for being used with the Mod wheel. 6 tracking and lag generators plus one FM generator provide extra effects.

The M12 uses "matrix modulation", which offers almost unlimited modular-style virtual patching of components. A total of 27 sources can be used to modulate any of the 47 destinations, with a maximum of 20 connections per patch.
100 single and 100 multi patches can be stored in the synth's internal RAM, with more storage space available via a tape interface.
The synth can work as a 6-part multi-timbral duophonic synthesizer, and the 12 voices can be used as 12 independent monophonic ones. The keyboard is not weighted, but offers velocity, release velocity and aftertouch sensitivity (although versions without aftertouch exist).
A MIDI implementation is included for external control, with in/out/thru ports and SysEx support. In addition to the typical audio outputs, two pedal inputs are included. Individual outputs for the 12 voices were available as an option, so they can't be found on all units.

Famous Matrix-12 users include Vangelis, Herbie Hancock, Yello, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Van Halen, The Orb and Stratovarius.

97.63cm (w) x 51.59cm (d) x 15.08cm (h)

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