The date September 11th, 2001 will live in infamy for all Americans, and indeed for countless millions around the world. What many people don't realize, however, is that Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean foretold of the September 11th attacks back in 1997, more than four years before that fated day. The predictions appear in his aptly titled song "Apocalypse", the second track off his album "The Carnival"

Project cannons being launched at the palace
Enemy pilots kamikaze into the abyss
Gun blasts equivalent to the bombs at Pearl Harbor
I drive into Jersey to escape the terror
"Project cannons" in this case refer to makeshift weapons - the terrorists used commercial aircraft as a tool of mass destruction. While this certainly requires a larger level of technological expertise that, say, rock throwing, it is still a crude form of weaponry when compared to the traditional military weaponry that would be used by a modern army in such at attack.

The palace can be interpreted in one of two ways... the World Trade Center could be considered the "palace" of capitalism in the world, and the Pentagon could be considered the military palace. The palace could also refer to the cities themselves, New York City or more likely, Washington, D.C., since it is the capital of the world's only remaining superpower.

The abyss referred to by Jean in the second line is a reference to the fourth airliner, which did not strike a target, but instead crashed in a relatively remote part of Pennsylvania.

It is interesting that Jean would compare the attacks to those at Pearl Harbor. Both attacks are similar in that they were unprovoked and, at least to most, unexpected sneak attacks, and the similarity would be picked up on by members of the media and even President Bush himself. It is also interesting that rather than rely on later translators to interpret a metaphorical place, he specifically mentions Jersey. Jersey, short for New Jersey, is located directly across the river from New York City, and would likely be a destination for someone attempting to escape the terror of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

It is positively bone-chilling to read these words of wisdom, spoken so long ago, and realize the implications they have in the world today. Further study of Wyclef's work is needed in order to prevent further tragedies from happening.

This node is dedicated to the morons who continue to send me e-mail about Nostradamus' predictions and the importance of the number 11, even now, two months after it all happened. Near instantaneous transmission of ridiculous bullshit is the bane of the Internet.

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