His real name was Murray Langston, but nobody knew that for a very long time. He's written three movies, and performed on a score of television shows and movies. He was a regular performer on the Sonny and Cher Show, the Gong Show, the $1.98 Beauty Show and Make Me Laugh. He was the guy who wore a bag on his head for a living. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

During the 1970s while everybody else was doing disco or drugs, Murray Langston (probably did those too but he also) put a bag on his head, made hooping noises, laughed at himself a lot and was a generally annoying jerk-off for money. He did pretty well, considering. Rumor has it he also did a stint as the Kansas City Chicken mascot for awhile, until that baseball team fired him and he had to fall back on acting without a bag over his head. Recently, he was the Man in Car in the movie Repossessed with Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair but he didn't have a bag over his head so you probably didn't recognize him.

Chances are now he's asking people "do you want fries with that?" But hey, what a ride, huh?

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