Boothby facts in no particular order:

Award winning comedian specialising in jokes about pets, his pets or his pet. Actually, his cat. And other animals too.

Boothby Graffoe has a very deep authoritarian voice, which contrasts with his light silly dialogue. To me he sounds a bit Tommy Cooper.

He is tall. Especially when compared to short people.

He is from Hull. Especially when compared to people who aren't from Hull.

He is an expert songwriter also. A typical Graffoe song would be 'Umbrella-Head Boy'.

Tune in the style of a childrens tv show produced by Gordon Murray:

"She'll only take him out when it's raining. She won't take him out when the sun's in the sky. She'll only take him out when it's raining, poor umbrella-head Boy."

"She never takes him out when it's windy, she did do once but she turned him inside out."

Boothby Graffoe is named after 'Boothby Graffoe' the town. According to the Lincolnshire County Council website, Boothby Graffoe has a number of accident blackspots.

2003 is a big year for Boothby fans. At the Edinburgh Fringe festival he premiered his first comedy play 'Condition of the Virgin' which was the adapted for broadcast on BBC Radio 4. He will return to Edinburgh this summer with his latest play 'God and Adam'.

He has found acclaim in Australia also.

Many people cite him as the next Spike Milligan.

He is from the same mould as Bill Bailey.

He is the next big thing.

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