Jörmungandr exists.

As a counterpoint to the undersea Mid-Ocean Ridge, a vast interconnected system of mountain ranges winds its way around the landmasses of the Earth, forming their backbones.  Branches and tendrils extend to touch every continent on Earth

Some ranges are related to each other geologically, but many ranges in contact are not.  They are lines of volcanoes, the wrinkles formed by different tectonic plates slamming into each other, or both.  The only thing that places them all together here is their interconnectedness.

By no means do I attempt to list all of the mountain ranges of the Earth. Many do not fit into the system, or are sub-ranges of ranges listed here. Neither do I attempt to be consistent in detail.

In system below, lists are numbered if they form parallel branches, and are bulleted if they line up with each other.


South America Central America sees a series of low mountain ranges in Panama progressively get higher and higher as one proceeds northward: North America Asia Europe Africa
  1. Across the Strait Of Sicily, the Saharan Atlas picks up, the Middle Atlas comes own from Gibraltar, and the Great Cordillera System traditionally ends in southern Morocco, but the Canary Islands are immediately offshore.
  2. The African GReat Rift Valley System branches from the Taurus and extends down through Israel into Egypt, extending all the way down East Africa
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