I've been using the word "hejaz" as a synonym for the word stuff for several years now. Of course, there is a story behind it. You can decide if it's interesting or not.

Way back in my marching band days, we marched around in the annual Thanksgiving parade in downtown Charlotte, NC. Well, a staple of any parade is the Shriners. As you know, Shriners always wear a fez with the name of their temple (or shrine, or whatever) on it. We were laughing about all these various names when a bunch of Shriners walked by with Hejaz fezes.

We all found this very funny, so we started using the word hejaz in sentences as a replacement for stuff. Over the years, one thing led to another and I've got a whole lot of people using hejaz as part of their regular vocabulary. And they don't even know what it really means or where it came from. I've even heard it from friends of friends who I had never even met before. How very strange...

On a visit to Machinery Maintence & Rebuilders in Greenville, South Carolina, i spotted a black Thunderbird with a Hejaz license plate on the front of it. i nearly shat my pants. This was funny for me as that i had known Iconoplast for about 2 years at this point and hejaz was already an integral part of my vocabulary. Hell, i even knew the origins of the word and why it was an inside joke. i almost stole it off that guy's car for you, Chris. i knew you'd shit your pants if i brought you a Hejaz license plate.

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