We're in this Together is the second single from The Fragile, by Nine Inch Nails. In accordance with the brilliant marketing strategy used for all the Fragile releases, it comes in three separate parts, each containing three tracks and about 20 minutes of music. On August 27th, 1999, it was released, but only in Europe and Japan, due to the overwhelming Euro-Japanese desire for really short CDs.

We're in this Together is Halo Fifteen in the Nine Inch Nails discography.

Disc 1 (Red):

  1. We're in this Together (Radio Edit) - A shorter version of the song from the album. Generally ignored by radio anyway.
  2. The Day the Whole World Went Away (Quiet Version) - Drawn-out, soft version with a lot of piano. First released out on the The Day the Whole World Went Away single.
  3. The Day the Whole World Went Away (Porter Ricks version) - Repetitive, mostly acoustic mix.

Disc 2 (Green):

  1. We're in This Together - Album version.
  2. 10 Miles High - This was included on the vinyl edition of The Fragile, but not the CD or cassette. Fairly rockin'.
  3. The New Flesh - Also from the vinyl Fragile. Darned weird - in fact, not particularly listenable because it's so experimental.

Disc 3 (Yellow):

  1. We're in This Together - Album version again.
  2. Complications of the Flesh - Combines the excellent "Complication" (from The Fragile) with "The New Flesh". I'd call this the best track on the album, because the fierce guitars and wacky antics of the songs mesh well.
  3. The Perfect Drug - Nearly identical to the version found on the Lost Highway soundtrack and The "Perfect Drug" Versions, but fades away naturally, rather than abruptly cutting out. It's the definitive version.

Buying (and importing...) this album gets you three previously-released songs (one is helpfully included twice) two old songs that were inacessible unless you bought the vinyl Fragile, a useless radio edit, and two new mixes. And you get to buy three discs! The music is good, but Trent really reamed the fans this time. This is the sort of thing that drives people to Napster.

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