One of the more psychedelic songs made by nine inch nails. The song is rare, as it only appears on the vinyl version of The Fragile, and on one of the We're in this Together discs (the green one). Included on the yellow We're in this Together disc is Complications of the Flesh, a remix of the instrumental track Complication with "give it to me" from The New Flesh mixed in, along with the occasional shout of "make it stop" from the track Please. On the DVD version of And All That Could Have Been, seemingly unused portions of the song are sometimes played during the menu screens. The lyrics are interspersed unmelodically throughout The New Flesh. The music starts out with a continuous string note in the background, accompanied by various noises, a wobbly drone, a reversed bassline, a ticking clock, and various manipulations of the spoken lyrics. All this soon fades into a what appears to be a live performance with a nice rock sound, before the track fades out with rising treble.

sideways sometimes
some things feel like
i'm on the other side

waves of every feeling ever felt

this is how it all begins

i can almost see
the blackest eyes
the new flesh

give it to me
i can take it

i've become

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