Line from David Cronenberg's Videodrome.

The "New Flesh" referred to is existence through the image... in particular television.

The first person to truly exist "in the New Flesh" is "Media Prophet" Brian O'Blivion. He actually is dead before the events of the film, and is only seen on pre-recorded videotapes, yet he is able to converse quite well with his viewers. Whether this ability is actually an element of the protagonist's hallucinations is never quite made clear.

O'Blivion is quite honest early on about the fact that "O'Blivion" is not his real name, but a "television name, designed to make the cathode ray tube resonate."

As the film advances, the protagonist, Max Renn (James Woods), becomes more and more a part of the New Flesh himself, going so far as to generate a fleshy (rather vaginal) opening in his stomach that acts as a VCR, and allows him to be controlled through the insertion of a tape. As such, it can be said that the New Flesh is a combination of the image, the biological and the technological.

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