The hairless cat appearing in the comic strip Robotman, and immidiately upon doing so totally steals the show. Harassed by squirrels, kidnapped by Patrick Stewart and turing into a cat-mint junkie the misfortunes of Fleshy are wast, but he faces them with equal ammounts of stupidity and cowardness. To surprise us all, he can on occasion bravely face those darn squirrels and outsmart them. Then again, this also tends to end in Fleshy getting into trouble...You canĀ“t help but feeling sorry for the poor cat while hysterically laughing at him. A stroke of genius, the invention of Fleshy.

Flesh"y (?), a. [Compar. Fleshier (?); superl. Fleshiest (?).]


Full of, or composed of, flesh; plump; corpulent; fat; gross.

The sole of his foot is fleshy. Ray.



[Obs.] "Fleshy tabernacle."


3. Bot.

Composed of firm pulp; succulent; as, the houseleek, cactus, and agave are fleshy plants.


© Webster 1913.

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