"There are people that know you... in this way... That others can't.
Because they've seen you change. They've let you change." -MSCL

You still walk like an adolescent gazelle. You still have chameleon hair and infinity-colored eyes and razor-sharp Scandinavian cheekbones and a Camel on your lip. You still have that wonderful clove-beeswax-Memphis-gardenia-salt smell in your hair. You still duck your head when people look at you.

You don't know that you do that, and I will never point it out to you.

I still would recognize you from a thousand miles away. Blindfolded. But while I was not looking, you grew up. You bought stock and sensible shoes and the purple in your hair became auburn and the angst in your eyes became knowing and you listen more than you talk.

And I like you even better now because you love yourself.

(no one will ever harass us when we get drunk on cheap wine in the park or accidently on purpose get lost in expensive hotels and snack from room service carts or build dressing rooms at Goodwill out of stained mattresses and imagination. we're invincible, you and me.)

love you. not like THAT. ew. ha. love you.

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