This was also a book based on the television series. It skipped through almost everything important on the show, usually just skimming through the pivotal parts of each episode. The sequel was even more dissapointing. Inolved Brian Krakow having sex with Rayanne's mom, Angela gets back together with Jordan. I can't even see any of this working on the television show. I think Catherine Clark thought that since this show would never get back on television, that she was free to write whatever crap she wanted to and people would buy it because they missed Angela's obsessive rants.

"My So-Called Life" was a song by the band The Ataris that was about one man and his obession with teen actress Claire Danes (she was a teenager when this was written at least). It starts out with the guy seeing her on television. His obsession prompts him to write many letters to her, and eventually trick her into coming on the Jerry Springer show. That doesn't work (actually she hits him with a chair), so the intrepid stalker hijacks a skywriting plane and writes her name across the sky, only to be arrested upon landing. He still hopes to see Claire again when his twenty years is served.

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My So-Called Life was a teen reality drama series that aired in August of 1994 on ABC. It was a show told from the perspective of a 15 year old teenager Angela Chase played by Claire Danes. It's the kinda show where you can delve into the thoughts of a teenager through her inner voice. Kind of like The Wonder Years, only her inner voice is her own and not a grown-up version of herself.

Originally produced in January of 1993, when Claire Danes was just thirteen, ABC had a difficult time finding a proper time slot for the show. Eventually they found a timeslot for it after several of ABC's Midseason replacements faltered. The show ended on January 26th, 1995 but was not officially cancelled until May 15th, 1995. The show only lasted 19 episodes even though there was heavy support from the fan base and critics that encouraged ABC to bring back the show. Despite of the huge amount of support, ABC did cancel the show, the main reason being low ratings. Reruns of the show aired on MTV starting in April of 1995 and lasted 2 years. Fox Family has recently picked up the show but subsequently their contract has expired as well.

The basic premise of My So-Called Life is the the life of Angela Chase, a sophomore who goes to Liberty High School in a city called Three Rivers, and those around her. It follows her at a time of rebellion for her as she attempts to search for her true identity and attempts to separate herself from her past (her family, and her two childhood friends, Sharon and Brian) and seeks a new life with her two new friends, Rayanne (voted Most Slut Potential by students) and Rickie (who is a devout homosexual Catholic). It also revolves around the somewhat sporadic relationship between her and Jordan Catalano (left back for two years), who she finds intriguing and mysterious.

Main Cast: Actor's Name (Character's Name)
Claire Danes (Angela Chase)
Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano)
A.J. Langer (Rayanne Graff)
Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakow)
Devon Odessa (Sharon Cherski)
Wilson Cruz (Rickie Vasquez)
Bess Armstrong (Patty Chase)
Tom Irwin (Graham Chase)
Lisa Wilhoit (Danielle Chase)

The only season of My So-Called Life consisted of 19 episodes

  1. My So-Called Life (Pilot)
  2. Dancing in the Dark
  3. Guns and Gossip
  4. Father Figures
  5. The Zit
  6. The Substitute
  7. Why Jordan Can't Read
  8. Strangers in the House
  9. Halloween
  10. Other People's Daughters
  11. Life of Brian
  12. Self-Esteem
  13. Pressure
  14. On the Wagon
  15. So-Called Angels
  16. Resolutions
  17. Betrayal
  18. Weekend
  19. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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