Undergrads is a cartoon TV show about Undergraduates at a fictional College. It is mostly aimed at teenagers because of the somewhat rude/adult content. It is on from Thursdays to Sundays at 11:30 on Teletoon. I would highly reccomend watching this show once or twice just to get a feel for it if you get the channel. Although all the characters are typical stereotypes of their personality it is still funny.

There are 4 main characters.

Nitz - Nitz is the main character and is in every show. Most of the episodes revolve around him. He is somewhat nerdy and is still a virgin. He doesn't have many friends and isn't well known in the school. He likes another girl in the school named Kimmy, even though she doesn't even know his name.

Rocko - Rocko is a big tough guy type. He has a deep voice and is rude to women. He beats up many a person in the show and has bad acne. He absolutely hates Cal because of Cal's abilities with women.

Cal - Cal is the tall blonde idiot of the show. He has an extremely high voice, blue eyes, and says "hey guy" before almost every sentence. He somehow manages to attract all of the girls in the school though, and is known as the man whore of the school. Because of his way with women almost all the guys in the show hate him because he bangs their girlfriends and such.

Gimpy - Gimpy is a computer nerd and goes to a different school than the other characters. He has glasses and never leaves his room. He talks to the other characters by popping up a window on their computer periodically. He has a small band of followers who are always there when needed.

Undergrads really is a great show. It's a shame that MTV cancelled it after one season because the last episode is bittersweet. Plot threads are resolved but even more questions come up.

The show is about Nitz's relationships with his friends and his attempts to create a relationship with Kimmy. Now obviously a show with a geek as the main character will have him chasing the girl of his dreams most the time, Love Hina does this. However, Nitz really does care about his friends though the show doesn't really make him choose between his friends or the girl.

Every episode has a couple Star Wars references. One episode is entirely a send-up of A New Hope but that's just scratching the surface since each episode is filled with references (that's why I used to love the Simpsons). The Thin Red Line, Star Wars, Spartacus, and a bunch of other movies I'm forgetting right now.

The main characters play off each other well, they know how their friends act and can exploit them when it suits them. By far the funniest part of the show is how it plays with both the audience's and characters' expectations.

Nitz: So Cal, what do you wanna do tonight?

Cal: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Nitz: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Cal: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Camera pans over to clock whose minute hand begins spinning rapidly.

Nitz: We should really get that clock fixed.

It really is a funny show, take Dr. Suess' suggestion and watch an episode.

Is it not nifty?

Rejoice! Rejoice and take heart in the joy of Undergrads!


Undergrads, a wonderfully witty cartoon that was unfortunately cancelled after only a single season, for reasons I've yet to grasp, is a parody (and in many ways, accurate representation) of life as a college freshmen. It deals with the struggles of moving away from home, friends and familiar surroundings and deal with a new reality of life, love and independance. It's also rather clearly written by Star Wars fans, as every episode is filled with overt and subtle referances to the classic series.

Here, I humbly present, after many exhausting and gruelling hours of watching Teletoon until four in the morning, an episode guide and summary.

The Characters

Nitz: The shy guy everbody knows, but no-body really knows. He has his friends from childhood and sticks with them, although his struggles to grow often bring conflict. Has an unending and puppy-dog devotion to his childhood crush, Kimmy.

Cal: An irritating, soft-voiced pretty boy who is unbelievably popular with the ladies. Nitz's roommate.

Rocko: He's big, he's crude, he's rude, he's drunk. Rocko is a big, dumb jock that thinks "How about sex?" is a good pickup line and spends most of his time either drinking or smashing stuff. Or both. He does truely care for his friends, as is seen occassionally. Except Cal. He hates Cal. So much. So very, very much.

Gimpy: My personal favourite character. But only because the resemblence (aside from physically, fortunately) is so strong it's frightening. I theorize that one of the show's writers is actually a friend of mine who's stealing my personality.


Gimpy is a king among geeks, and rules his dorm at Techerson Tech with an iron fist. He has a room full of equipment that puts the most devoted hacker to shame. And he has a Mac Classic as a side table.

Jessi: A purple-haired girl who made friends with Nitz one the first day of college. She strives to be "one of the guys", but her secret crush on Nitz is not so very secret.

Kimmy: Red-haired ditz, and the love of Nitz's life, though she doesn't appear to know it. She cares about everything, and tries to run and be involved with everything, with the end result that things backfire on her as she bites off more than she can chew.

Kruger: One of Jessi's friends. Chain-smoking cynic who swears a lot. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be much to him. Aside from the fact that he's a trivia master.

Brody: Aspiring screenwriter/film critic. You know the type, the one who always has something to say, some off-the-wall opinion usually delivered in a strident diatribe designed to provoke. Another of Jessi's friends.

Dan: The laughing guy. That's all he does. Laugh. At everything Kruger, Brody or Jessi says. Except, "Shut up, Dan."

The Dougler: Nitz and Cal's out-of-touch-with-reality, hippy-burnout RA.

Rita: Gimpy's tyrannical RA.

Mumb: Gimpy's faithful right-hand-man. Always there to do Gimpy's bidding, even at the risk of his own skin. Occassionally conniving, especially where Nitz is concerned.

Episode 1

The characters are introduced, the setting is laid out, and Nitz's first chase after the ever-elusive Kimmy begins. He seeks to gather lots of interesting college experiences to impress her with. Rocko seeks enterance to a frat at his college, and Gimpy seeks to stop him (for his own good, of course). Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 2

Still early on into the semester. It's Tradition Week, a time of pranks and merriment. Gimpy seeks to become Tradition Master to spite his RA. Rocko has homoerotic dreams about Cal, and helps Nitz get into shape for the eXposed eXpo, a tradition where all the freshmen run amok around the campus naked upon the first snowfall. Nitz wants Kimmy to see him naked, of course. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 3

Rocko decides acting in "Date Rape" skits for the Uni's sex ed program would be a good place to "pick up chicks". And he does. Cal and Nitz become Vestal Virgins. Kimmy works at the STD testing clinic. Cal does not get laid a lot.

Episode 4
New Friends

After Cal, Rocko and Gimpy forget Nitz's birthday, he starts hanging out with Jessie and her friends over them. Mumb lands in the hospital with severe carpal tunnel. Number One stages a counter-revolution, and Gimpy is forced to fight an honorable duel to regain his dominion over Tekerson Tech. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 5

Rocko is haunted by a giant, talking whiskey bottle. Nitz attempts to get into bars so he can drink with Kimmy, who is a "drunken hugging girl!". Nitz attempts to sober Rocko up, and Rocko attempts to teach Nitz the ways of drinking. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 6

Jessi's roommate irritates the hell out of her. Cal irritates the hell out of Nitz. Jessi's roommate leaves for a week, so Nitz stays with Jessi. Things begin to get between them. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 7
Jerks Nitz makes Kimmy a promise he'll have to rush to fufill, but gets dragged out to the bars with Rocko. Gimpy stages a dorm revolution with the aid of Cal. Rocko destroys Nitz's promise. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 8
Nitz and Gimpy are a trivia master team, and are forced to work alone and against each other in an inter-college trivia competition. Rocko tries to start a rivalry between his college and Nitz's, mainly by beating the living hell out of Cal.

Episode 9
Financial Aid

Nitz has difficulty getting his Financial Aid check due to bad bureaucracy and mess-ups. He gets involved with Kimmy's student action group to form a protest over the flawed system. Rocko takes over the local college student reserve corps. Cal gets laid a lot.

Episode 10
Identity Crisis

Nitz struggles to deal with no-one remembering him after the Christmas break, and ends up isolating himself in his room. The rest of the Clique struggles to cope without his guidance. Rocko converts Cal into a beer-drinking arse like himself. Cal does not get laid a lot.

Episode 11
Work Study

After reckless spending by the entire Clique, Nitz is forced to take a crappy job at a work study project to pay off his credit card debt. The others experiment with ways to raise funds on their own. Cal gets laid a lot. More than usual.

Episode 12

Gimpy unearthes his Risk board, a favored pastime of the Clique. He gathers the others for an all-nighter session, and recruits Cal and Rocko to aid him in preventing Nitz from ditching out early to help Kimmy run a college event. Good Charlotte makes an appearance. Cal does not get a laid a lot. Except at the end.

Episode 13
Screw Week

Alas. The final episode.

Things come to a head between Nitz, Kimmy and Jessi. Rocko and Gimpy look for living quarters outside the frat/dorm. Cal begins learning the mysterious ways of the RA from the Dougler. A bittersweet ending.

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