Heavy governance, often by force. May be disguised by a thin veneer of civility, in which case one speaks of "the iron fist in the velvet glove."

Also, 80s Motörhead album featuring the classic Lemmy, Eddie, and Philthy lineup.

A super-hero published by Marvel Comics. Iron Fist first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15.

Daniel Rand, or Danny to his friends, was raised in the mystic city of K'un L'un. K'un L'un is located on another plain of existence that occasionally intersected with our own, sort of a Himalayan version of Brigadoon. Rand's parents had been killed while in Tibet by one of the members of the K'un L'un society. For ten years, Rand trained in the martial arts finally acheiving the honor of fighting a dragon to gain a big black stylized dragon tatoo and the dragon's heart. The dragon's heart allowed the one who possessed it to focus his chi to his fist to give its punch incredible force. It was often described as being like a "thing of iron."

Rand left K'un L'un to track down the one who had murdered his parents. His journey took him to New York where he took his father's position has the head of Rand-Meacham, a large multimillion dollar company. He also fell in love with Misty Knight, a New York police officer with a bionic arm and tenative connections to a number of Marvel heroes. She was even Jean Grey's roommate at one point.

The most important relationship Rand made in New York was with Luke Cage, the street smart superhero known as Power Man. The two teamed up, starting a firm called Heroes for Hire, Inc., sort of a superhero temp agency. The two kept this business for many years, until Rand was believed killed. Cage was blamed for Rand's death and went on the run, although he was innocent. Unbeknownst to any of Rand's friends or the police, Rand's death had been faked and he had actually been taken prisoner by a faction in K'un L'un. Rand was freed with the help of Misty Knight and her partner Colleen Wing (also known as the Daughters of the Dragon) and Prince Namor or the Submariner.

Rand has once again teamed up with Cage and has been running Heroes for Hire, Inc.

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