From the Infilspeak dictionary from Infiltration, Urban Exploration is the investigation of manmade structures not designed for public consumption, from mechanical rooms to stormwater drains to rooftops; usually such areas are off-limits.

Usually involves going places you're not supposed to go and can include trespassing, breaking and entering, and other illegal activities. For most urban explorers the purpose isn't to break laws, but to see the world behind the "surface". To see areas, places, things that normal people wouldn't see. It involves similar skills to spelunking/caving, espionage, infiltration, exploration, etc.

Some Urban Explorers take pictures or write journals about their adventures and post them on the web. For more information or stories see: Ruins of the Hudson Valley, Danvers State Hospital, Henk's Homepage of Industrial Discoveries, Iron Fist, Infiltration, Jinx Magazine, Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour, The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.

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