Undergrads is a cartoon TV show about Undergraduates at a fictional College. It is mostly aimed at teenagers because of the somewhat rude/adult content. It is on from Thursdays to Sundays at 11:30 on Teletoon. I would highly reccomend watching this show once or twice just to get a feel for it if you get the channel. Although all the characters are typical stereotypes of their personality it is still funny.

There are 4 main characters.

Nitz - Nitz is the main character and is in every show. Most of the episodes revolve around him. He is somewhat nerdy and is still a virgin. He doesn't have many friends and isn't well known in the school. He likes another girl in the school named Kimmy, even though she doesn't even know his name.

Rocko - Rocko is a big tough guy type. He has a deep voice and is rude to women. He beats up many a person in the show and has bad acne. He absolutely hates Cal because of Cal's abilities with women.

Cal - Cal is the tall blonde idiot of the show. He has an extremely high voice, blue eyes, and says "hey guy" before almost every sentence. He somehow manages to attract all of the girls in the school though, and is known as the man whore of the school. Because of his way with women almost all the guys in the show hate him because he bangs their girlfriends and such.

Gimpy - Gimpy is a computer nerd and goes to a different school than the other characters. He has glasses and never leaves his room. He talks to the other characters by popping up a window on their computer periodically. He has a small band of followers who are always there when needed.