Undergrads really is a great show. It's a shame that MTV cancelled it after one season because the last episode is bittersweet. Plot threads are resolved but even more questions come up.

The show is about Nitz's relationships with his friends and his attempts to create a relationship with Kimmy. Now obviously a show with a geek as the main character will have him chasing the girl of his dreams most the time, Love Hina does this. However, Nitz really does care about his friends though the show doesn't really make him choose between his friends or the girl.

Every episode has a couple Star Wars references. One episode is entirely a send-up of A New Hope but that's just scratching the surface since each episode is filled with references (that's why I used to love the Simpsons). The Thin Red Line, Star Wars, Spartacus, and a bunch of other movies I'm forgetting right now.

The main characters play off each other well, they know how their friends act and can exploit them when it suits them. By far the funniest part of the show is how it plays with both the audience's and characters' expectations.

Nitz: So Cal, what do you wanna do tonight?

Cal: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Nitz: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Cal: I dunno, what do you wanna do tonight?

Camera pans over to clock whose minute hand begins spinning rapidly.

Nitz: We should really get that clock fixed.

It really is a funny show, take Dr. Suess' suggestion and watch an episode.