Reasons why someone might seriously utter this phrase:

1) They were one of the guys, and they fancied the other.
2) They were a friend of one or both of the guys, and were pleased to see the blossoming romance.
3) Strange to relate, some women like to see men kissing. It's not as common as the reverse phenomenon, but it's definitely there.
4) The rest of the night really sucked.

The original WU here was a so-called parody, referring to the highlight of my night was two girls kissing, but it got nuked. Juliet's superior work rules the day.
When I was 15, my best friend was a guy named Joey. I really liked Joey, I was convinced I loved him. Joey had a boyfriend named David, who I was also friends with. It was ultimate torture. I cared so dearly for both my friends, their happiness was importent to me.

We often hung out together, and had sleep-overs. My mother felt it was all innocent enough, which it was. I adored spending time with both of them, yet I felt a pang of envy. I had to brush it aside if I wanted to keep our happy social circle together.

One afternoon we were at my house. There were a few people over. Joey and David ran into my bathroom, we assumed they were just being goofy like normal. All of a sudden I heard my bathtub running, so I knocked on the door. The brilliant men decided not to lock it. I stumbled into the bathroom and find them taking a bubblebath and smooching. When they I fell into the room, Joey jumped and pulled my shower curtain to cover himself. This pulled the whole rod into the bathtub, curtains and all. The highlight of my night was two guys kissing.

This is a true story. Unfortunately.

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