PC CD-ROM, Playstation
Developed by TWG / Perfect 10 Productions
Published by Psygnosis, 1995

The second officially-sanctioned Discworld game (the first was 1984's The Colour of Magic, the third was Discworld 2 and the fourth was Discworld Noir), a talkie point-n-click adventure featuring the vocal talents of Eric Idle (as Rincewind), Tony Robinson, Jon Pertwee and Rob Brydon. The plot was not taken directly from any of the books, but features a combination of elements from Guards, Guards!, Reaper Man and a couple of others. A secret society has managed to summon a dragon to Ankh-Morpork and it has fallen to the wizards of Unseen University (mainly Rincewind, getting the proverbial end of the stick as usual) to set things straight.

The game was criticised for having some extremely difficult puzzles based on deliberately obscure leaps of lateral thinking. (I managed to complete it, but there you go.) The acting is highly amusing (in a good way) and the graphics, while bog-standard VGA, are on the right side of functional. One of the best non-LucasArts graphic adventures, and very faithful to the source material.

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