An audio software development company, originating from Germany. Head office in Hamburg, Germany.

Founded in the Winter of 1984 by Karl Steinberg and Manfred Rurüp, Steinberg Research GmbH produced its first music software for the Commodore 64, "Pro 16" was a multitrack MIDI sequencer with 16 tracks.

In 1986 "Pro 24" was released for the Atari ST. It had 24 tracks (of course) and a professional notation system. The company acquires a shareholding in the US company Jones, which is responsible for the sale of products in the US.

In 1987 the company is renamed: It is now called Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.

In 1989 the first version of the "Cubase" sequencer is released.

In 1990 the "Cubase" sequencer is available for the Apple Macintosh.

1991 holds a breakthrough with the first combination of digital audio (see WAV files) and MIDI sequencing.

In 1995 Steinberg releases the audio editor WaveLab.

In 1996 Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is developed, allowing effects, equalizers and mixing.

The year 2000 brings the release of the audio workstation Nuendo. Cubase VST Version 5.0 is released. The company is renamed to Steinberg Media Technologies AG.

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