Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius (known by his handle Arguru) is most probably known in the tracker community for his ability to crank out a new tracking program (tracker) every couple months or so. Arguru is something like a programming genius. His programs are usually very stylish and powerful, often using Steinberg VST plugins for track effects. There are of course some downsides though. Since his first project, "Noisetrekker", and excluding "Psycle", most of the programs look more or less the same. Arguru has also apparently never heard of the word "user-friendliness". I find it very hard to get used to a tracker when there is only a page-long "manual" explaining a couple of pattern commands, and half the designations given in the main window are abbreviated. Other than that, I can see a future in Arguru's main format for his "classic trackers", ".XFM" which stands for eXtended Fucking Module. The use of VST plugins is applaudable, but it means of course that people without a specific plugin won't be able to listen to song in it's full glory. Well, these days most people encode to MP3 anyway...

Some of Arguru's finest:

  • Noisetrekker 2

  • Psycle
  • (Buzz look-alike)
  • Fast-Fucker

  • TraxVox

  • Aeonix
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