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The basics.

For those who acknowledge the existence of something called the "soul," the most common view regards the soul as being something internal. Most had considered it part of individual human beings. It does not have a physical representation like the heart, lungs and brain. It isn't something doctors can perform an operation on. As such, those who believe the soul to be an outdated form of religious mysticism or absurd pondering can dismiss it as fantasy.

What is not considered is the soul as an external mechanism. We think of ourselves as wholly powerful, and therefore the soul must be something within us that we have control over. Consider instead of the soul was external in such a way that what we consider to be what we are is actually an illusion maintained by the soul. In this case we define the soul as being outside of time and space, existing in a vacuum, seeking contact with other souls but unable to do so. If souls exist as unique representations, eternal and outside of time, space and life as we know it, how would souls fulfill the itch to seek each other out?

The spawn of SOAE

My own name for it is the source of all energy, SOAE for short. Existence began with SOAE, a single source of energy that existed in what was otherwise nothingness. Energy was the nature of SOAE, not simple forms of energy like we use here to power our cars and cities, but a complex form of energy. This energy sought to expand, become more powerful and overcome the emptiness that was nothing. To do so, SOAE would seek ways in which to amplify, mutate and grow its energy. The energy of SOAE was boundless, but it was limited to SOAE itself. To expand and grow, SOAE would have to give rise to new energy sources that would give energy to the nothingness. From this rose the soul. Much like SOAE itself, souls were energy sources that sought to grow and expand.

While the number of energy sources, or energy generators, known as the soul grew, there was a lack of means by which energy could be exchanged between the sources. There was no time or space. These concepts were unknown. Souls existed within their own being, unable to seek, contact or in anyway interact with each other. A means had to be found by which they could interact. Souls were aware of each other's existence, but little more could be done to allow interaction that would enable an energy exchange between them.

Frame by frame

In seeking a way to make contact beyond mere awareness, souls needed to create a way in which they could effectively interact. Space became the first creation of souls. Through the use of space, souls could make contact with each other by proxy, more or less. Souls created representations of themselves that could appear within the space created. These representations could see each other, sense each other, feel each other and directly exchange energy. These creations of space, frames, were mere moments. Before souls invented time, working just within space, they could make contact for an instant. As they sought greater contact, they began to create more moments through which contact could be made. Time was created when souls learned to link the moments together as a chronology. One moment led directly to the next. The energy exchanged in one moment would create the moment that followed.

The first frames, essentially, were single moment, but as souls expanded their contact, they created a cohesive collection of frames that became time. From this could be built frames that were powered by a collective reality. The representative elements of each soul, conduits for the exchange of energy, could exist within time and space together, interacting at a higher level. The soul conduits were used to maintain almost constant interaction between a wide variety of souls.

Is that real, simulated wood grain?

A frame powered by a continuous collective reality, such as the one we live in, is the product of many souls joining together to create fluid energy exchange and interaction. The souls feed off the energy exchange between conduits and SOAE feeds off the energy from souls. Within a collective reality, conduits must function according to rules, whereas souls have a singular reality that defines their relationship with SOAE. The rules and the limits of a collective reality are effective in creating energy exchanges on many levels. If you can control the outcome of all events, steer the ship in any direction you choose, and do whatever you damn well please, the energy exchange is limited. The limits of a system cause energy to bounce around in all directions. The absence of complete control creates energy amplification and mutation. Even the most powerful people on the planet cannot maintain complete control. Elements outside of their control will often determine the fate of their journey. The elements are created here within "the human element" of fallibility and unpredictability. In essence, human nature is a valuable component for energy exchange between souls because it cannot be controlled.

In the most simple terms, what we think of as ourselves are simulations, creations of the soul to allow for interaction and energy exchange. However, the soul does not have control over the conduits. The soul creates a conduit within the limits of what it knows and understands, taken from the past and future experiences of its conduits. To the soul, the only moment that exists is the present moment, because it still sees things in frames. Right here, right now is where the soul is. Everything else is part of its blueprint for the present moment. The collection of experiences that a soul's conduits have gone through determines the make-up of a conduit. As such, some conduits are very proficient at passion between conduits, others are able to climb the social success ladder, others are warriors, and so forth. The sum of conduit experiences determines how a soul creates its conduit.

The sum of these experiences is what results from the energy passed through the conduit to the soul itself. We may remember a story of great hope and promise that became a great disappointment in our lives. To the soul, what passes into its core is the energy of the experience. There is an energy created by the hope and promise. There is another energy created by the disappointment that followed. The soul processes and attempts to reconcile these conflicting energies. It seeks to turn all experiences into positive energy instead of negative energy. Therefore the negative energy experiences must be reconciled while the positive energy experiences are processed. Negative energy becomes, in essence, unfinished business. Positive energy is the entire reason souls created conduits to begin with.

Hey, you know what? Fuck you, too

Positive energy is far more powerful when it isn't an automatic product of an interaction. A soul can create positive energy on its own, but this energy is weak because it isn't the result of choices, chance and effort. A great love between two conduits produces powerful amounts of positive energy. The energy is not the result of automatic production. It is the result of choices made, chances taken and effort given. The possibility of this great love going wrong and producing negative energy gives more power and value to the positive energy created when it goes right. Betrayal, disappointment, and other possible outcomes heighten the value of the positive energy. If we could just walk up to people and say, "Hello, I love you," and have the feeling returned automatically, the value of the energy exchanged is lessened. Energy is created on many levels, but the soul values energy at its highest levels. The highest level of energy is SOAE itself, which exists in a state of energy perfection because it is the source of all energy.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Because the value of positive energy is increased by the existence and possibility of the production of negative energy. It is the nature of balance. For a positive to happen, the equivalent negative must be possible. To win a dollar you must be willing to lose a dollar. In some ways, the conduits are used as gambling chips by the soul on a giant table of chance on a collective reality based perpetual frame. The soul must reconcile the results of its conduits actions, experiences and results from its existence. Soul conduits are rarely created to exist perpetually, and so we have birth and death. Souls must have a way of reclaiming their conduits so they can be recreated in a new form. An immortal conduit runs the risk of dipping too deeply into negative energy forms and destroying the soul. If the soul takes in too much negative energy at a rate greater than its ability to process and rebalance, the soul can be damaged, and in extreme cases, destroyed.

Personal mythology as a key

A soul conduit is reliant on personal mythology to maintain a cohesive existence. A collective reality in which all conduits have collective and constant amnesia would severely hamper the value of energy exchanges. When two conduits come into contact, their souls enter into orbit of each other. The interaction between the conduits relies on personal mythology. What experiences have I had that relate to this new experience I am having now? The use of personal mythology increases the power of the energy exchanged within a new interaction. If you were to start with a "clean slate" every time you came into contact with someone, the energy value is diminished.

Personal mythology creates patterns. We are interested in sports, and so things related to sports become more powerful to us. We like apple pie, so apple pie becomes more powerful to us. We like blonde waitresses, so blonde waitresses become more powerful to us. Triggers within the energy create higher levels of energy from experiences within a pattern. A sports fan will get excited watching the playoffs while someone who doesn't like sports will walk past the game without caring. The fan is responding and creating energy through his reactions and passion for the game. This is part of his personal mythology, his love for his favorite team, and as such becomes an energy generator.

If you return to the original reasons behind the soul creating conduits, you find the answer. Souls sought to make contact with each other so they could exchange energies. If two conduits come together in such a way as to allow the souls that drive them to also make contact, we realize the purpose of life as we know it.

Check local listings

A focus of my own life has been to examine my own personal mythology and the interactions I have had with other soul conduits. The purpose of this is to amplify certain interactions while diminishing others. There are certain people with whom I have made contact with at the soul level. They are those with whom I have been very close and with whom I have shared much with. There are those I know I will leave this conduit existence with a need to seek out again in order to resolve what could not be resolved in this frame. There are those I hope to encounter again because of what they meant to me, what they taught me and what we shared together. What is not forgotten within soul memory stays always. It is the eternal quest. Souls seeking to make contact and to remain in contact by whatever means possible. Otherwise the existence of the soul is a very lonely existence.

Making peace and resolving conflict is very important, otherwise the peace remains to be made and the conflict remains to be resolved beyond this life we know. Sometimes we meet people and we feel as if we have known them before. We feel there is already something between us, even before our first "hello." Our souls have known each other before. They have guided us to this. The reasons why are not easily determined, but that is why this life is not a single instant.

I'll be back
Know what I mean, Vern?


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