slack is a way of life if ("slacking off" != "being unproductive") {
    write aNodetoClarifySituation;

It's a common misconception that all "slackers" and "potheads" are people without motivation -- the ones who smoke pot and play video games and not much else. While this is true of some, it must be realized that more than a passtime, or an adjective for loafers, slack is a way of life.

Conventionally, when these slackers use the word slack, they are not necessarily referring to idleness. Rather, slack is a more general term which loosely means: "any occupation that is not shitty and boring and is probably some amount of fun". This definition allows for the inclusion of "real work" or "maximum lounge mode".

let's see...
these are some examples:
SLACK                  |               NOT SLACK
Web design for fun     |  Searching in vain for 
                       |  drivers you need      
Programming for fun    |  School- or work-      
                       |  assigned development  
Sitting back, smoking  |  Sitting in your chair,
a joint                |  realizing it's only   
                       |  9.20am                
Playstation            |  Windows 95a           
Sex                    |  Meetings              
Time with friends      |  Time with the co-     
                       |  workers               
Listening to music     |  Rebooting             
Watching clouds go by  |  Rotting under the     
on a spring day        |  fluorescents          
Here are the slackers I mean:
Slackers are divided from the rest of society not by their uselessness, but more by their selective and sometimes self-centered ways.

Slackers are not bound by the mechanical ideals that elevate the importance of time and work.

Slackers want the world to be custom and comfortable.

Slackers are those damn kids who were ready for the internet before it happened.

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