The slimy villains of the Star Frontiers universe. Two meter long worm-like invertebrates who use two large paddle-like tentacles to raise them to human height, and two smaller manipulating tentacles to hold guns and manipulate the controls of their latest doomsday devices.

Sathar eyes have two pupils per eyeball, which according to the rulebooks, give them superior depth perception (but no additional game stats). Most Sathar agents have the power to hypnotize members of the other races (possibly by wiggling those nifty double pupils in an entrancing pattern).

Sathar are extremely xenophobic, and have a deep and overriding need to find slave races to do all their menial tasks (as they're too soft and out of shape to do much heavy lifting). Sathar agents are present on every planet of the UPF, and are loyal to the point of suicide.

During the first and second Sathar Wars, the worms proved themselves masters of cybernetics and bio-engineering, unleashing horrible mutated monsters on the unsuspecting Frontier worlds. Between wars, they engage in assassination, terrorism, and general destabilization of the UPF member races.

The Sathar homeworlds are yet unknown, and many theories abound on their origins. Most xenobiologists believe their homeworlds are rimward, beyond the Xagyg nebulae.

The S'sessu, introduced in Dragon magazine, were an offshoot of the Sathar. Although not as warlike as their cousins, they are as cunning and treacherous.

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