One of the races from the PC game Starflight. The Spemin were amoeba-like blobs of matter that flew around in underpowered, underarmed, and underarmored starships. At your first contact with a Spemin, they would immediately demand your unconditional surrender. A few plasma bolts across their bow and some harsh words would soon have them surrendering to you, however.

Though cowardly, the Spemin are devious and highly manipulative. They allied with the aquatic Gazurtoid race by convincing them that they, too, are water breathers. This allows them to thrive in areas of space that would be deadly to all other races.

In Starflight 2, the Spemin finally came into their own as a villainous race. Given superpowerful ships and weapons by an unknown entity, they quickly became the bullies of the sector. However, their basic cravenness caused them to put off attacking the unified races long enough for a brave crew to discover who had given them these weapons and why, and how they could be counteracted...

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