Sam "Mayday" Malone was the name for the bartender on "Cheers". Sam was played by Ted Danson. Sam is one of the critical players in the comedy, though over the years his character never changed much.

At the beginning of the show's run Sam owned the bar and ran it with "Coach" Ernie Pantusso. Half way through the series after coach's passing and Sam hiring Woody Boyd. When Sam was left at the alter by Diane Chambers, he tried to go on a world tour and sold the bar. After his ship sank he came back to the bar and worked there under the scatter-brained leadership of Rebecca Howe. It is assumed at some point in the ninth season that the bar was returned to Sam's ownership, the exact point though is hazy.

Over the seasons Sam was known as a complete babe hound, or skirt chaser. He constantly hit on coworkers Diane Chambers and Rebecca Howe and the multitude of ladies who enter the bar. At times exhibiting a sixth sense for finding them. He was quite successful with women and had many lovers. By the end of the shows run he finally ended up in a sexual addiction program. He was even seen engaged to someone on a guest appearance on Frasier though it was a failed romance.

Sam was no stranger to a few failed romances. It is even seen in the second episode that Sam was married before. In addition Sam decide twice with Diane Chambers to forgo marriage. Once when she left the series and once at the end of the series. In addition at one time the Gold digger Rebecca Howe decided to have a baby with Sam Malone.

Before his years at Cheers, Sam was a pitcher, number 16 for the Boston Red Sox. His nickname was Sam "Mayday" Malone, and his best pitch was called "the Slider of Death". It was called such because he would normally be called to the mound in the 9th inning and throw his slider of death and the other team would score a home run and win the game.

Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin both lived vicariously through Sam and his escapades, whether they be sexual, sports, or friends. They memorized Sam's sexual escapades better then Sam would.

During the run of the show Sam was seen to have a couple of enemies. Among them was Harry The Hat, Gary's Old Town Tavern, and John Allen Hill.

Harry the Hat was a small time con man in Boston, that would often scam Cheers' employees and patrons. He normally scammed them through mental or play on words tricks.

Gary from Gary's Old Town Tavern was featured five times. He would bet or play tricks on the bar, especially on Halloween, but in addition there would be large prank wars.

John Allen Hill was the upstairs neighbor who owned Melville's. He also owned the hallway, bathroom and billiards parlor and would never let Sam forget it. Sam would always be angry when ever John Allen Hill came down the steps into Cheers.

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