Diane Chambers was the book smart waitress on "Cheers". Diane Chambers was played by Shelly Long. Diane was the first leading female role in the show.

Diane entered the bar with a man named Sumner Sloane. She was stood up and took a position as a barmaid at the bar while looking for a new job. This soon became a permanent position.

Diane was the thinking member of the cast, she was wordy and often talked in such a manner that people wouldn't understand her. While she quote Charles Dickens, the others would quote Wade Boggs. She was a fish out of water for her time on the show.

Diane's enemy was Carla Tortelli. Carla like to torment more then any of the Cheers' regulars. Carla was relentless with Diane, never letting a small slip up go, and would love to ruin her day by making snide sexual remarks.

Diane was often chased by Sam Malone in her first year at Cheers. She was adamant in the first season to avoid his pursuit but in the first episode of the second season their fighting turned into a blossoming love. After they broke up, Diane found herself in a mental asylum.

Inside the asylum, Diane met her next lover, Frasier Crane. Frasier, who later became a regular cast member, came to the bar and consoled Sam Malone. Diane at one point went off to Europe with Frasier and was to proposed and was set to be married, but was stopped by Sam.

After the first failed engagement, Diane started to date Sam for the second time. Diane became engaged to Sam. Over time they decided to buy a house for their impending marriage. At the marriage ceremony, Diane was informed that she had a choice to marry Sam, or continue her pursuit to write a great book. Sam told her to go for the book and they agreed to meet up in six months.

Diane never came back until the final episodes of "Cheers". During the final episodes (a hour and a half special) Diane came back and Sam and Diane agreed to marry, in the end Sam returned to "Cheers" knowing it would not work.

Diane later showed up on "Frasier". Diane had ended up writing a play that gave a bad name to everyone on "Cheers" except Diane herself. By the end of the episode she had learned how deeply and harshly she hurt Frasier.

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